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10 Steps To Plan A Christmas Party For Your Staff This Year

The most festive time of the year is right here. Again! Another year is almost done and dusted. So, as we gear up for our favourite holiday season, it’s time to start planning a Christmas party for your staff.

Today, you will learn how to plan a Christmas party. So, turn on your Christmas jingles and tune in for top tips for planning an unforgettable staff Christmas party.

Why A Company Christmas Party Matters

Before you dive into the planning, let’s talk about why hosting a party for  Christmas this year for your team is a big deal. Think of it like this: just as after-work drinks foster camaraderie, Christmas parties are a fantastic way to strengthen teamwork and enhance company culture.

There’s a special magic to parties—they help people relax and forge connections. And let’s not forget the bonus of feeling acknowledged for a year of hard work.

Now that you understand the purpose behind these gatherings, feel free to get creative. Toss in some prizes, bonuses, gifts, end-of-year reviews, or any other way to show gratitude and recognise your employees. Remember, this is all about creating a social vibe, bringing colleagues closer, and letting the festive spirit take over.

Planning the Ultimate Office Christmas Party

Whether your team is a cosy group of 5, a perfect 10, or a bustling 100, hosting a party that everyone enjoys can be a bit of a puzzle.

The key is in the details—picking the right food, finding the perfect venue, nailing the entertainment, and setting a dress code that adds to the overall vibe. It’s all about creating an experience that brings your team together in celebration.

Step 1: Set A Budget

Alright, first things first. Let’s talk about the budget. Knowing how much cash you can play with per person is key. Once you’ve figured it out, the rest of the decisions become easy. Break down the budget to see where the money should go. If your crew is all about games and tunes, maybe allocate more for entertainment. Or, if you’re aiming for a WOW factor, consider spending on party decorations.

Step 2: Pick A Date

Timing is everything! When it comes to your Christmas bash, the earlier you nail down a date and venue, the smoother things will run. Aim for a date close to Christmas or somewhere in December.

Weekdays like Thursday, Friday, or Saturday are winners. You can take charge of the date or throw a few options into the office poll and let the majority decide.

Step 3: Book A Venue

Now, the spot. Picking the right place involves juggling location, budget, food preferences, size, and style. The good news is that New South Wales has a lot of venues to choose from.

Are you thinking outside the box? How about a restaurant, a function room, or a cosy private house? Once you’ve got the party vision, make a shortlist and contact the venue managers. Chat about your ideas, and see if they align with their vibe.

When you’ve found the perfect match, don’t hesitate to book it immediately. Christmas is prime time for venues, and you want to take advantage of your dream spot. You can contact Lauriston House for the best outdoor garden venue to take the party outside!

Step 4: Send Invitations

Alright, it’s invite time! Let your crew know what’s coming- a fancy card or a casual save-the-date email.

Remember to ask them to RSVP by a certain date. Be a good host and toss in the event program, dress code details, how to get there, and options for returning home.

If anything is important, ensure the entire office is in the loop. Spread the word and stick the Christmas bash on the company calendar for those handy reminders.

Step 5: Prepare Gifts For All

Who doesn’t love a good gift, especially during the festive season? Your gifts for the team don’t need to break the bank. Keep it meaningful, fun, or the way you like. It’s all about your budget.

If you have room to play, consider going big and snagging something off your wish list. Secret Santa is always a hit for gift exchanges; just set a spending limit to keep things fair and avoid let-downs.

Step 6: Good Food Equals Good Mood

Now, onto the heart of the matter, food and drinks. The main highlight of any good party. Budget plays a role here, too. A catering company can be a game-changer if you’re hosting at the office or a private spot.

A restaurant is a smooth move if you feel fancier with the budget. Decide on the vibe on your own. Finger food, a three-course meal, or a buffet? Open bar or a set number of drinks? Food is important, especially with a bit of holiday cheer flowing. Keep everything going to keep those festive vibes alive.

A quick tip: Get your guests the lowdown on dietary needs and allergies. It’s a list worth handing to the caterers or the restaurant to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Step 7: Choose The Party Theme

Alright, it’s time to add new things up! Picking a theme might seem extra, but trust me, it’s the secret sauce to making your party unforgettable. The room’s vibe can make or break the whole experience, and what better way to set the mood than with killer lighting, groovy tunes, a splash of colour, or a dress code?

Invite the team by organising a quick office poll with several theme options. Once you’ve got the winning theme, dive into the details: table decorations, clothes, and lanterns. It doesn’t need to be over-the-top; keep it classy and within budget.

Step 8: Plan Fun Games And Activities

Let the games begin! The entertainment game plan depends on a few factors, such as how many folks are on the guest list, the venue, and your budget. With a killer playlist and maybe a DJ, consider throwing in some karaoke. Trust me; it’s a hit whether you’ve got a cosy group of 10 or a lively crowd of 100.

Think about mixing in some music and film trivia, a costume contest, or a lucky gift draw. Whatever you decide, and if the budget allows, get a photographer to capture all the laughs and smiles or set up a photo booth with some amazing props. Let the good times roll!

Step 9: Prepare The Agenda

Alright, it’s time to get organised! A game plan for the event is key; it keeps everyone in the know and ensures the party runs well. Instead of leaving folks to wonder what’s happening next, hand them a schedule so they can relax and enjoy without missing a beat.

Whether you print out the list of items for each table, send it over by email, or put a big welcome sign at the entrance with the item list, ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Step 10: Last-Minute Preparations

The big day is here! Be the early bird and get inside before the crowd. Say hello to the team and the venue’s manager. Check-in with the kitchen crew and wait for staff, ensuring everything is prepared for the guests.

Safety comes first. Let everyone know you’re the go-to person if they need anything. Then, do a once-over on all the details. It can have table-clothes, decorations, playlists, microphones, lighting, you name it.

And here’s a reminder: It’s your party, too! Like everyone else, kick back, relax, and soak in the festive vibes. After all the hard work, you’ve earned it. Cheers to a fantastic event!

Final Thoughts:

Throwing a company Christmas party is more than just having fun; it’s like making a special investment in team friendship and how everyone feels about the company. It’s about more than just planning where to have it or how much money to spend. The special part is creating a happy atmosphere that makes everyone feel like a team, appreciates their hard work, and makes them work together even better.

Everything you do, like deciding on a budget, picking a good place, getting gifts, and planning fun things, adds to making a party that people will always remember. So, when the party happens, enjoy it! Celebrate the good times and all the hard work everyone did during the Year.

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