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The Perfect Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Sydney

Planning your perfect wedding is never easy, and one of the most fundamental things to take care of is the wedding venue. Once a theme has been decided, it can often translate to hours of perusing through the selection of Wedding Venues in Sydney before you find the perfect matrimony of elegance and panache that only a wedding can demand.

The venue that you choose for your garden wedding and reception is an extension of your personality and a reflection of your good taste. Many people opt for a Garden Wedding because of both the romantic setting, and its affordability.

Lauriston House is the perfect venue for an immaculate garden wedding. Built in 1887, this outdoor wedding venue is unsurpassed in its beauty and exclusivity. Whether you are seeking the beauty of manicured Victorian gardens or the crackle of a warm and welcoming fireplace, this is the ideal wedding location for you. With years of experience providing wedding and hospitality services, we commit to conducting a garden wedding you could only dream of.

Your Ideal Garden Wedding

Our friendly and approachable wedding co-coordinators work with you to plan the ideal garden wedding and reception for both the wedding party and their guests. An exquisite setting for your garden wedding and reception in Sydney, Lauriston House knows how to make your wedding one to remember. We’re the perfect wedding venue to capture those memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives together.

Lauriston House has become one of the most coveted wedding venues throughout Sydney. We dedicate ourselves to accomplishing the extraordinary for your garden wedding and reception. Stroll through our beautifully manicured lawns and enjoy a taste of our exquisite culinary fare. With the first hour free (subject to numbers) and a full Victorian garden set up forget about the rest of the world, and bathe in the unquestionable beauty that is Lauriston House!


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