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Why You Should Choose an Exclusive Use Venue on your Wedding Day

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You’ve just said ‘yes’ to the big question and now you’re embarking on the journey to plan the big day you have dreamed of. As you start researching wedding venues, you’ll quickly come to find, there are so many venues to choose from, with each offering a different experience. But one key element many couples forget to factor into the early stages of choosing a wedding venue is exclusive vs. non-exclusive use of the venue on your wedding day.

What is exclusive use? Exclusive use ensures sole use of the wedding venue including the grounds and staff for the duration of your wedding which means you don’t have the worry of bumping into or navigating around strangers who aren’t guests or staff at your wedding. 

It’s your big day and it’s important that you and your guests feel comfortable in your surroundings and get to enjoy all the benefits the venue has to offer. So, we’ll explore the key reasons why you should choose an exclusive use venue such as Lauriston House for your wedding.

Enjoy total privacy

It’s only natural that you want to enjoy your big day with only those who are nearest and dearest to you. Who wants to have strangers loitering through the venue and randomly popping up in the background of your treasured photos? Nor do you want to compete for prime photo backdrops with another bridal party. You want to be assured of a complete sense of intimacy that only you and your guests can enjoy at an exclusive use venue.

Ensures you and your guests feel safe

Don’t underestimate the importance of security at your wedding. With exclusive use of Lauriston House, you can be sure that it’s safer for you and your guests and won’t have to worry about strangers from other weddings gate-crashing your wedding reception. The only faces that you will see at your wedding are those of your guests and attentive staff.

Undivided attention

Hosting your wedding at an exclusive use venue such as Lauriston House ensures that you have the undivided attention of dedicated event staff. They are there to serve you and your guests alone without any distractions or competing priorities from other wedding parties. You and your partner can have the confidence that you’re the centre of attention on your special day

Quality time with your guests

If you opt to have both your ceremony and wedding reception at Lauriston House, you can enjoy more time with your family and guests because you don’t have to worry about guests having to travel from one location to the next. With our perfectly manicured gardens, you have the perfect backdrop for all your special photos too!

As you can see, the benefits of hosting your big day at an exclusive use venue like Lauriston House are compelling. It will most certainly create an intimate atmosphere to ensure that it’s a memorable day for you and your guests. Contact our expert planning team at Lauriston House today so we can share with you all the great features our exclusive use venue has to offer.

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