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What Is The Difference Between A Destination Wedding And A Traditional Wedding

Weddings are a time of joy, love, and celebration, and they come in various forms and sizes. One significant choice couples face when planning their special day is whether to opt for a traditional or destination wedding. Both offer unique experiences and come with their own set of advantages and challenges. In this blog, we’ll delve into the key differences between these two wedding styles to help you decide which suits you and your partner.

Wedding is that time of the year that rejoices in love, joy, laughter, and celebration, overlooking inconveniences that may get in the way. However, as a couple plans for their most special day, the plight comes with choosing a destination wedding vs. a traditional wedding. While both have pros and cons, nothing in particular makes one get over the other except your personal preference, which makes you choose one.

If yours or someone around you has a wedding just around the corner, you would want to know which kind of wedding you want. Well, with this comprehensive guide, we save you time. Get extensive insight on destination weddings vs. traditional weddings, decide on your favourite kind, and put yourself or your loved ones at ease.

Destination Wedding vs. Traditional Wedding Episode 01 – The Basics

The foremost thing you’re stressed about as you start planning your wedding must be the basics of the wedding, such as venue and location, guest list, the time frame of the wedding, and the budget of the entire wedding. Here’s where a traditional and a destination wedding starts to differ. But how? Let’s find out.

Venue and Location

Everyone knows where traditional weddings occur: in the couple’s hometown at conventional religious or non-religious places like churches, temples, mosques, traditional marriage halls, or sometimes even at home. However, destination weddings are chosen especially for their location, as people choose attractive destinations like tropical beaches, mountaintop resorts, and historic European cities away from home.

Guest List

Traditional weddings mainly comprise an extended guest list in contrast with destination weddings. Typically, your family invites extended family members, friends, and acquaintances for a more noteworthy turnout. On the other hand, destination weddings comprise just a small number of people, perhaps an immediate family from both sides and some of your friends to extend it a little bit. Since there’s travelling involved, not everyone can attend the wedding, making it an intimate gathering of close friends and family.


Another difference between a destination wedding vs. traditional wedding is that while the former takes just a couple of months to plan, the latter requires a year or so for proper planning and preparations. Because a destination wedding involves only the marriage ceremony and reception, it’s a more spontaneous and adventurous choice, unlike the latter, which follows a specific timeline for all events, such as engagement and bridal showers—Bachelor’s parties, etc.


There is also a vast difference in the expenses of both kinds of weddings. Considering factors like location, number of guests, and the venue choice. Other outlays like catering, décor, and entertainment may also increase or decrease your expenditure percentage. Typically, traditional weddings for extravagance can be expensive, especially if you have venues in posh areas. Yet, destination weddings are no cheaper because of the travel and accommodation, hotel stay, and more unless everyone’s managing on their own. However, other expenses for destination weddings stand still for traditional weddings, including venue fees, decorations, and other preparations.

Destination Wedding vs. Traditional Wedding Episode 02 – The Appeal

Following Family and Tradition vs. Personal Solace

Traditional weddings hold a special place in the hearts of many because they uphold cultural and family traditions. These weddings often involve rituals and customs passed down through generations, making the event deeply meaningful. Nevertheless, a destination wedding has its allure, allowing the couple to make beautiful memories at exquisite locations.

Guest Experience

When comparing a destination wedding vs. a traditional wedding, it is pivotal to consider the guest experience at both wedding types. For instance, having a larger guest list, traditional weddings give families a chance to sit together and celebrate their happiness with others, unlike in destination weddings where just a few guests are chilling in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing the couple to focus on each other rather than catering to them.


While traditional weddings offer more flexibility, specifically in dates and venues, enabling couples to choose from a variety of options in their hometown, this, in turn, makes it easier to facilitate the timetables and preferences of both the couple and their guests. On the contrary, destination weddings are often perceived as an adventure, allowing couples to have a wedding and a honeymoon at a picturesque location. Although there might be few options for the wedding venue because of the unawareness about the place, the sense of adventure with natural beauty is enough to make your event cheerful and romantic.

Destination Wedding vs. Traditional Wedding Episode 03 – The Final Considerations

If the comparison mentioned above is not enough, we have jotted down some other considerations for traditional and destination weddings to help you decide your choice.

Considerations for Traditional Weddings

  • If you have a lot of family members and a huge circle of friends, a traditional wedding would be the ideal choice to celebrate your next chapter of life.
  • If you want to infuse specific religious or cultural traditions into your wedding, a traditional wedding will give you more options and resources to serve this purpose.
  • If you have abundant time for planning and are keen to go through a more stretched process, a traditional wedding can provide a more streamlined timeframe.

Considerations for Destination Weddings

  • If you are seeking a unique and treasured experience, a destination wedding in a gorgeous location is your dream come true.
  • If you are inclined more toward an intimate gathering and are willing to spend quality time with selected individuals, a destination wedding can help you.
  • Suppose you are welcome to the idea of a quick and hassle-free planning timeline and are comfortable with a more impulsive wedding. In that case, a destination wedding can be a stimulating option.

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