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Planning a Sustainable Garden Wedding: Eco-Friendly Tips and Practices

Hearing wedding bells coming from not-so-far? As a bride, you should begin the preparations. However, suppose you’re also an environmental advocate of the 21st century. In that case, everything around you must be revolving around its sustainability and other eco-friendly practices, including your wedding with the mantra “Weddings don’t have to be wasteful.”

Now it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on things you adore – flowers, centerpieces, a gorgeous gown, or a beautiful ring, but only with a few changes to create a less carbon footprint.

In this blog, you will learn some eco-friendly garden wedding tips on how to plan your wedding without harming the environment. So, let’s begin!

A Green Wedding – What Is It?

However, before you delve into the tips and tricks, it’s important to understand what a green wedding entails. Green weddings focus on being environmentally friendly and reducing the negative impact on the environment. This can involve using eco-friendly invitation cards and opting for locally sourced food, among other methods, to ensure your wedding is environmentally sustainable.

Tips For Planning A Sustainable Garden Wedding

Your wedding is supposed to be the greatest and the most cherished event of your life, but imagine this: you see tossed paper goods everywhere, excess food and leftovers, and lovely flowers dumped in the dustbin. How would that make you feel? Certainly, bad.

While you may or may not have emphasized this ever before, it is exactly what happens in weddings where there are no measures taken beforehand.

Nonetheless, with awareness being spread worldwide about the significance of ecological sustainability, people are now choosing green weddings over conventional ones and planning their day according to safe and sound conservational practices.

In planning an eco-friendly garden wedding, you should consider the following tips:

Choose E-Cards Or Green Invitations For The Wedding

We understand how important invitation cards for weddings are. Not only do they provide all the necessary information and details, but set the tone of the entire wedding.  So, when they hold so much credibility, why not make them eco-friendly for more significance? For this, you can choose from the following options:

  • Using recycled paper or up-cycled fabrics, leather, and wood.
  • Choosing digital invitations, such as e-cards. They can be easily created, shared and prevents unnecessary paper wastage.
  • Preferring seed paper invitations for guests to plant them in their gardens afterwards.

In addition, you can also choose card-printing companies that pursue environmentally-sustainable approaches, for instance, planting trees for every order they receive.

Pick An Environmental-Friendly Venue

Ever thought of choosing an eco-friendly wedding venue? You read it right! There are eco-friendly wedding venue options that are now increasingly getting popular to prevent nature from needless harm. While finding the most appropriate green wedding venue for your event, consider:

  • Venues that have energy-efficient lighting and recycling systems.
  • Picking an outdoor location, for example, a park or botanic garden, eliminates the need for electricity for lighting and temperature control.
  • Host your ceremony and reception at the same venue to decrease transportation emissions.

Choose Recyclable Or Lab-Generated Diamond

Planning an eco-friendly wedding starts precisely with the choices we make for ourselves. And the choice we make has a direct or an indirect impact on our earth.  One of the important considerations while ensuring an ecological wedding is the wedding ring.

“A diamond forever” is something we have grown up hearing and fantasizing about. Diamonds have been used for wedding and engagement rings for many decades. While it’s true that diamonds are difficult to mine, mining it can also cause irreparable damage to our land. In addition, these diamonds are mined by unprivileged laborers of marginalized communities whose lives are always at stake due to harsh mining practices.

But don’t worry, even if you want to wear a diamond on your big day, here’s what you can do:

  • Choosing a recyclable diamond taken from another jewelry piece.
  • Choosing lab-grown diamonds that are the same, if not better, in terms of quality.

Impress With An Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

Your dress is the most important and exciting part of the entire wedding. After all, it’s you who should look most beautiful and different amongst the crowd. However, if you’re also thinking of your dress synching with environmentally friendly practices, then you can:

  • Shop either vintage or wear pre-loved wedding attire.
  • Consider renting your wedding dress.
  • Choose ethically sourced fabrics for its making.

Ecological Decorations For A Healthy Atmosphere

We understand you want to be merciful to your environment while making the best of your wedding event. And achieving this is easy! Just a bit of work is all it takes to have a wedding of your type! With the following décor suggestions, you can create a stunning atmosphere for your event, ensuring minimal waste at the same time.

  • Use potted flowers and plants as centerpieces, which can later be gifted to guests or planted in your garden.
  • Choose reusable or biodegradable crockery like bamboo plates and utensils.
  • Consider integrating naturally-found objects on your big day, for instance, shells, driftwood, or stones as décor items.
  • Look for a place that offers built-in décor to prevent wastage.

Don’t Dump The Leftovers But Donate

Wedding clean-up isn’t something you have to do but imagine for a while if you had to, you will realize that there would be a lot of wastage you’ll be seeing post-event. From food leftovers to decor being dumped, such as fresh flowers and plants, it hurts even thinking how much trouble just a few moments of happiness may cause on mother earth. Hence, if you want to make an impact:

  • Choose cleaning companies that’d clean the entire setup and distinguish trash from reusable and edible items and donate them to charitable organizations, nursing homes, and hospitals.

The Key Takeaway

In short, if you’re an environmentalist, your wedding must sync according to your beliefs; having a green wedding is the most sustainable option. From choosing invitation cards and a wedding venue to choosing the ring, dress, and decoration items with minimal dump and waste, you can follow our tips in planning a sustainable garden wedding.

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