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Outdoor Formal Venues: A Breath of Fresh Air in Event Planning

Outdoor Formal Venues: A Breath of Fresh Air in Event Planning

Are you thinking of planning your next event outdoors? If yes, then you are on the right track! Open-air events and weddings often bring fresh air, letting hosts and guests create lasting memories surrounded by nature’s beauty.

With thoughtful planning, these outdoor gatherings can uniquely celebrate your special moments with your loved ones.

However, the only question that remains is – a venue. A venue is one of the most important factors in your event planning. You can transform your gathering into a wholesome, memorable event only with the right venue.

In this blog, we will look into different types of venues for formal outdoor event planning and what kinds of events you can host in an open-air venue. 

The Appeal Of Outdoor Venues For Formal Events

Outdoor venues are especially known to add a touch of magic to formal events. First off, the natural beauty and sunshine make your event feel alive and vibrant. Another big plus is the cost savings. You don’t need to shell out extra cash for a fancy indoor venue; the outdoor space becomes the star. Plus, these open places can fit in more people, giving you extra room to party without feeling cramped.

But most importantly, decoration – outdoor spaces are a creative canvas. Flowers, lanterns, you name it – you can make it look stunning without blowing your budget. The combination of fresh air and clear views keep the party feeling lively, so guests leave feeling invigorated, not stuffy.

Types of Outdoor Venues For Event Planning In Fresh Air

The most important part of planning a formal outdoor event is selecting a venue. Your outdoor venue is a game changer that can either make or break your event.

Let’s look into the options of venues for an immaculate event planning in fresh air.

1- Gardens

Gardens are perfect places for outdoor events like weddings. They have a natural charm that creates a calm and romantic feeling, staying in people’s memories. The best part about these outdoor spots is that they are extremely flexible and come in different styles, like well-kept lawns with pretty hedges and flowers or cosy paths lit up with lights. Fancy gazebos with fabric and lovely fountains surrounded by green plants add a touch of class and playfulness. Gardens have something for everyone, whether you like fancy or simple styles.

The calm and beauty of gardens make them great for creating special moments that stick with you forever.

2- Beachfront

Beachfronts make for perfect places to create special memories, with their pretty shorelines and amazing views. From seeing the sea to watching the sun go down, beachfronts give a unique background for any important event. Places right on the shore usually have wide ocean views and are close to things like boardwalks and restaurants.

For couples wanting to get married surrounded by nature’s beauty, beachfronts give an unforgettable experience that can fit any budget or style. Whether it’s a small ceremony or a big party, these serene spots have great chances for hosting events people will always remember.

3- Parks And Nature Reserves

Parks and nature reserves offer a great place to enjoy the beauty of the natural world. Many of them have open grassy areas perfect for having ceremonies or parties, along with some interesting picnic spots, places to camp, and trails to explore with friends. These outdoor places let you escape from the busy life while still being close to where visitors can stay.

You usually don’t have to think about renting tables, chairs, or decorations because these spots often come with arrangements like benches, fire pits, or pavilions. However, it is important to consider the weather when planning events at these places.

4- Sports Club

Sports clubs are more than just playgrounds to enjoy sports; they can also offer a perfect landscape for special occasions. These clubs typically offer excellent catering facilities and expansive, well-manicured green spaces, providing a perfect setting for guests to relax and enjoy.

Moreover, community sports centres and rugby and football clubs frequently make their venues available for rent to support fundraising efforts. If you spot a beautifully maintained green area in your neighbourhood, a simple enquiry might reveal its availability for your event.

One of the notable advantages of choosing a sports club for your gathering is the reasonable pricing, making it a budget-friendly option. On top of that, the staff at sports clubs is generally laid-back and accommodating, eager to assist with the smooth execution of your event.

5- Going Country

Choosing a countryside venue for your outdoor event? A wine estate is a fantastic choice. These natural spots are perfect for all kinds of events: weddings, corporate events, and fancy dinners.

Wine farms provide exceptional options for people who enjoy high-class entertainment. The beautiful surroundings and various activities make wine estates ideal for creating memorable moments.

Whether it’s a special celebration or just a relaxing get-together, a wine estate’s countryside setting adds charm and elegance to any event.

Different Types Of Event Planning In Fresh Air

Open, fresh air adds a special touch to various events celebrated outdoors. From your regular mocktail parties to special celebratory moments, an open, fresh-air space is the perfect choice. The fresh air and natural surroundings make these events more memorable and enjoyable.

We have discussed below different types of event planning that can be done in fresh air.

1. Weddings: Outdoor weddings feel more magical with nature’s backdrop. The open space and natural scenery create a romantic atmosphere, making the celebration memorable for the couple and guests.

2. Corporate Events: Hosting corporate events outdoors brings a relaxed vibe and fosters a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. It provides a refreshing break from the usual office setting, allowing for productive discussions in a more casual environment.

3. Christmas Parties: Celebrating Christmas in the fresh air adds to the festive cheer. Outdoor spaces offer a unique setting for holiday decorations and activities, bringing a joyful and lively atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

4. Art Exhibitions: Displaying art outdoors adds a creative dimension. Natural light and open space complement the artwork, providing a different experience for art enthusiasts and allowing artists to showcase their creations in a unique environment.

Lauriston House – The Premier Outdoor Venue

Lauriston House stands out as one of the finest formal venues in Sydney, offering a wonderful green, open-air space ideal for hosting various formal events. The expansive outdoor area provides a charming setting, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. A gazebo adds a special touch, particularly enhancing the beauty of weddings.

In addition to the splendid outdoor space, Lauriston House offers an equally impressive indoor venue suitable for all formal events.

Consider Lauriston House for your next celebration for a truly remarkable and unforgettable event experience. The seamless blend of a stunning outdoor setup with a sophisticated indoor venue guarantees you and your guests a memorable occasion.

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