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How much did the average Australian wedding cost in 2024?

Congratulations on your engagement – it’s time to kick off your wedding plans! Questions like, ‘Which venue is best?’ and ‘How much should we spend?’ are inevitable. Exploring what others spent and how they allocated funds can guide your wedding budget.

This article delves into the average Australian wedding cost in 2024, essential expenses, and areas to skip. Emphasising the importance of prioritising what you truly desire, regardless of the budget, is key.

The Big Picture – Average Australian Wedding Cost

When it comes to budgeting for your dream wedding, it’s essential to understand the average costs. According to insights from ASIC’s Moneysmart website and online marketplace Oneflare, the average cost of a wedding in Australia in 2024 ranged from $36,000 to $51,000. This broad range reflects each couple’s diverse preferences and choices for their special day.

State-by-State Breakdown

The cost of weddings can vary across different states in Australia. Data derived from a nationwide survey conducted by the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) offers insights into the typical expenses associated with weddings in various prominent states throughout Australia:

1. Queensland – In the sunshine state, couples can expect to spend anywhere from $26,029 to $29,786 on their wedding.

2. New South Wales – Couples tying the knot in NSW might see a budget ranging from $37,108 to $41,245.

3. Victoria – Victorians typically pay an average of $36,358 to $37,430 for their wedding day.

4. South Australia – In South Australia, couples spend an average of $30,307 to $31,124 on their wedding festivities.

5. Western Australia – In the West, wedding costs range from $31,272 to $31,694.

6. Northern Territory – For those saying ‘I do’ in the Northern Territory, the average wedding cost is around $30,375.

7. Tasmania – Tasmania hosts weddings with an average cost of $26,381.

Understanding these regional variations allows couples to tailor their expectations and budgets accordingly.

Wedding Cost Breakdown In Australia

While you may already have thoughts on the location, day, date, guest list, and theme for your wedding, creating a wedding budget will provide a more precise understanding of your financial scope. This budgeting process can help streamline your wedding plans. To offer you an approximate idea of potential expenses, we’ve compiled a general wedding cost breakdown in Australia based on a survey conducted by Easy Weddings for some key wedding elements:

Wedding ExpenseAverage CostWhat to Consider
Venue$14,758Considered one of the most substantial expenses. Booking popular venues may require advance planning, potentially at least 12 months ahead.
Bridal Gown$2,304Choices include custom-made, brand new, or second-hand gowns with adjustments. Hiring a dress is also an option for budget-conscious brides.
Flowers$1,844Costs vary based on the type and quantity of flowers. Exploring fake flowers could be a cost-effective alternative to real floral decorations.
Catering$5,429Typically charged per head, costs increase with a higher number of guests. Consider your guest list size when estimating catering expenses.
Photography$3,164Preferences for candid or posed photos, or a combination, affect the photographer’s time commitment and, subsequently, the overall cost.
Entertainment$1,080Costs vary based on the choice of entertainment, such as hiring a DJ or a live band for the reception.
Wedding Car Hire$1,137Cost depends on the number of vehicles needed and the duration of hire.

If you’re considering the services of a wedding planner, be prepared to allocate extra funds. Wedding planners typically charge either a percentage of the total wedding expenses (commonly around 10%, as suggested by Oneflare) or an hourly rate, which can vary based on the location. Furthermore, it’s advisable to budget additional funds for the following wedding expenses:

– Hair and makeup

– Formal attire for the groom or groomsmen

– Bridesmaid dresses

– Invitations

– Wedding cake

– Marriage celebrant

– Videography

– Wedding rental expenses

– Extra decorations

Factors Influencing Wedding Costs


Several factors contribute to the overall cost of a wedding. Here are some key considerations:


The venue you choose significantly impacts your budget. Whether it’s a luxury hotel, a friend’s backyard, or a beach setting, each option comes with its own set of costs. Destination weddings, held interstate or overseas, also add to the expenses, although the federal government recognizes weddings conducted abroad.

Day and Date:

The timing of your wedding can affect costs. Peak wedding seasons, such as March-April and September-November, may result in higher prices. Choosing a weekday or getting married outside peak seasons can potentially lead to cost savings, as vendors may offer lower prices during less busy times.

Guest List:

The number of guests you invite plays a crucial role in determining expenses. External venues often charge per head for catering, so a larger guest list generally means a higher overall cost. Couples should carefully consider the size of their celebration and balance it with their budget.


The theme you select for your wedding can influence costs, encompassing elements like flowers, decorations, outfits, and invitations. Whether it’s a relaxed, casual affair or a more formal event, your chosen theme will contribute to the overall expenditure.

Small Weddings – A Budget-Friendly Alternative

While the average cost of weddings can be substantial, there’s good news for those looking to save. Opting for a smaller, more intimate wedding provides ample opportunities to cut costs. Although there’s no fixed amount for a ‘small’ wedding, narrowing down the guest list and skipping venue hire and professional catering can lead to significant savings.


Consider getting married in your backyard, with friends and family contributing to the celebration. This approach limits costs to essentials like chair and table hire, a celebrant, beverages, bridal outfits, and decorations, making it a budget-friendly choice for many couples.

How to Budget Plan Your Wedding in 2024

Your wedding day, undoubtedly one of the most significant events in your life, can be an exciting yet challenging financial endeavour. To ensure it doesn’t spiral out of control, follow these key budgeting strategies:

1. Start with Your Budget: Always prioritise your budget when meeting with vendors, checking out venues, and searching online. Clearly communicate your budget upfront to vendors so they can tailor their offerings to match.

2. Stay Within Your Budget: Resist the temptation to explore options beyond your budget, especially during online research where prices might not be clear. Stay firm with vendors, especially when it comes to items like wedding dresses, expressing your dedication to staying within your budget.

3. Set Realistic Expectations: Get advice from friends who had weddings with a similar budget. Wedding costs can be subtle, and learning about the financial aspects of a beautiful wedding helps you set practical expectations.

4. Be Aware of Payment Schedules: Understand the payment schedules for major expenses like catering, venue rental, and wedding attire. Knowing when final payments are due helps you plan your finances effectively.

5. Have an Emergency Plan: If you find yourself going over budget, be prepared with a backup plan. Identify areas where you can make cutbacks without compromising the essence of your wedding.

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