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How Lauriston House Transforms Your Sydney Outdoor Party?

Outdoor parties offer a delightful combination of fresh air and abundant opportunities for creative decoration, making them a truly positive experience. Not only are these parties enjoyable to plan, but they also provide a budget-friendly option for hosting memorable events. The versatility of outdoor venues allows for a wide range of possibilities to suit any occasion.

If you’re searching for exceptional outdoor party venues in Sydney, look no further than Lauriston House, one of the most prestigious heritage buildings in the city. Our venue stands out, offering an unparalleled experience paired with top-class services. Whether organizing a chic cocktail party or having a sophisticated birthday event, we have everything you need to create an enjoyable and unforgettable gathering.

This blog will help you learn how Lauriston House transforms your Sydney outdoor party. 

What Lauriston House Has To Offer? 

Lauriston House presents you with amazing options and aims to give you an experience you love. Here is how Lauriston House can transform your outdoor parties:

Enchanting Garden

The venue’s gardens are breathtaking, giving the property an exceptionally aesthetic look and making it a perfect venue to host your next outdoor event. Lauriston House is surrounded by these lush gardens, which also feature a large pond. Adding another layer of aesthetics to the setting, the pond features a beautiful fountain, which gives off an elegant vibe. 

The property also boasts a beautiful pavilion that is your party’s focal point of attention. This popular feature showcases a stunning white-painted wooden structure with abundant greenery, creating a scenic setting. 

The surrounding trees and serene ponds further enhance the appeal of this outdoor venue, providing additional charming spots to host your party. Imagine the ambiance of your gathering amidst the mesmerizing outdoor setting, offering a lavish view that adds to the overall allure of your event. Want to learn more about transforming an outdoor party in Sydney with Lauriston House? Get in touch any time.

Private Access

Create an unforgettable outdoor party experience for your guests at Lauriston House, where we offer exclusive private access to the entire house and its magnificent gardens. This unique feature allows you and your guests to fully enjoy the splendor of the outdoor party while also having a space to relax and appreciate the historical heritage of the venue.

By providing private access, Lauriston House ensures you have the entire venue to yourself, allowing for a fun and intimate outdoor party without interruptions. At the same time, our dedicated team ensures the smooth execution of your event, making us a top-rated destination for any kind of outdoor party.

Elevate the charm of your outdoor party by choosing our exclusive venue. The manicured lawn and outdoor terrace provide a breathtaking view and the perfect setting for your outdoor gathering. With ample space to accommodate many guests, ranging from 200 to 350, our venue offers both beauty and functionality to make your outdoor party a resounding success.

Explore The Delicious Menu For Your Outdoor Party 

Another reason we can transform your Sydney outdoor party in the best possible way is our delicious menu. We offer you a vast range of dishes that you and your guest will love. We have an amazing section that gives you the best catering options, including:

  • Platters 
  • Entrees
  • Mains
  • Dessert 


Our platter has Antipasto. It is the first course of the Italian meal. This consists of a bite-size portion and is served on a platter for your outdoor guest. It has various ingredients, including:

  • Meat 
  • Mediterranean marinated vegetables
  • Bocconcini
  • Olives 

The next on the platter is fresh calamari. It is infused with yogurt and has garlic and cucumber in it. The platter is perfect for stimulating the appetite and making your guest fall in love with everything else that comes in later on the menu. 


With our dining experience, you can immerse yourself in a wide selection of enticing entrées. Our menu features a variety of options to satisfy your cravings. Our Fettuccini is a beloved choice for fans of Italian cuisine, known for its thick pasta originating from Tuscan and Roman traditions. This delicious dish is generously topped with grated cheese and butter emulsions, creating a delectable combination of flavours.

One of the most wonderful options is our exquisite Ravioli, a delicate pasta filled with a delightful mix wrapped in a thin dough. The result is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that is sure to please. Another tempting option is our Tortellini, which features a stuffing of cheese, egg, nutmeg, and meat. Each bite offers a symphony of flavours that will leave you craving more.

Our Rigatoni or Penne options are fantastic if you prefer heartier pasta dishes. These kinds of pasta are bursting with flavour and are accompanied by mouthwatering sauces that perfectly complement the dish.

Enhancing your dining experience further, we offer a diverse selection of delectable sauces to accompany your pasta. Our Carbonara sauce combines bacon, onion, and egg in a white wine sauce, providing a rich and delectable taste. Our Napolitana sauce incorporates fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and basil Napoli sauce for a burst of freshness. The Boscaiola sauce is a savoury blend of bacon, mushroom, onion, and parsley, while our Fungi sauce features sautéed mushrooms, garlic, and wine for a flavourful combination.


Our main courses offer a delightful range of options to tantalise your taste buds. You can try our perfectly oven-baked chicken, complemented by a creamy roasted capsicum sauce, for a truly flavourful experience. For those seeking a succulent dish, our Lamb Shanks are a must-try. Slowly over-baked with carrots, crushed tomatoes, and red wine jus, they are served alongside Grecian lemon, celery, and oregano-roasted potatoes.

Another mouthwatering choice is our roasted pork, a tender leg of pork cooked in the traditional style. Served with a layering of potato mash, roasted vegetables, pan gravy, and a crispy cracking, it offers a delightful combination of flavours. If you prefer a tender and creamy option, our Pan Fried Val is a fantastic choice.

For lovers of Italian specialties, we offer Veal Parmigiana, another standout dish. Tender veal fillets are smothered in freshly peeled tomato sauce and topped with baked eggplant, creating a delectable and satisfying combination. Our roasted lamb is also a delicious addition to your outdoor party. Served with oregano-roasted potatoes, Grecian lemon, and a light-seeded mustard and rosemary jus, it is garnished with fresh rosemary for a delightful presentation.

Seafood enthusiasts will be delighted by our Mediterranean Fish. A Mediterranean-style tomato-based sauce accompanies an oven-baked barramundi fillet. Served over a bed of basmati rice, it offers a delicious touch and enhanced flavour profile.


Elevate your outdoor party to new heights with our irresistible dessert options, sure to satisfy every sweet tooth. Prepare to indulge in a decadent treat that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

For chocolate lovers, our smooth and mouthwatering lush chocolate mousse is an absolute delight. Served in an elegant wine glass, it features layers of homemade sponge and is accompanied by shredded white chocolate, creating a luxurious and indulgent experience.

One of our specialties is the homemade ice cream cake, a true crowd-pleaser. This delectable creation is presented in an Italian-designed pedestal glass, adding a touch of elegance to your dessert course. Our homemade sponge cake is expertly soaked in fresh, thickened cream and generously drizzled with a blended hot fudge sauce, resulting in a rich and heavenly combination. This was just a glimpse; the menu offers a lot more. 

To Wrap It Up

Outdoor parties can be incredibly fun and memorable, and Lauriston House truly transforms your Sydney outdoor party. With our enchanting garden, private access, and delicious menu, you can host a mind-blowing outdoor party and give your guests the time of their lives. You can also book us if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Sydney; contact our team to learn more.

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