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8 Benefits Of Choosing A Garden Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Getting married is a momentous event you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Choosing the right wedding venue can make all the difference. Many couples opt for a garden wedding venue and a good reason. Everyone needs their big day to be perfect so Lauriston House can be your choice. Our mansion is situated in an amazing location. The garden is a spectacular venue to have your dream wedding in. If you are looking for garden wedding venues, come to us immediately. 

Why Choosing A Garden Wedding Venue Is An Excellent Decision?

A lavish garden can be an excellent choice for a wedding, reception or Christmas party venue. Here are a few benefits of choosing a garden wedding venue for your big day.

Natural Beauty

Gardens are inherently beautiful, and a garden wedding venue provides a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and reception. You can take advantage of the natural beauty of the surroundings by incorporating floral arrangements, greenery, and other natural elements into your decor. This can save you money on decorations and make for stunning photos.

Outdoor Ambience

Outdoor weddings have a charm and ambiance that indoor venues can’t replicate. The fresh air, natural light, and open spaces create a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere that encourages guests to mingle and enjoy the surroundings. A garden wedding venue allows you to enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor wedding while providing a comfortable and controlled environment.


Garden wedding venues are often more flexible than traditional indoor venues. You can have your ceremony, reception, or both in the garden. Multiple locations within the garden can often be used for different parts of your wedding day. This allows you to tailor your wedding to your specific preferences and needs.


Garden wedding venues can offer more privacy than other wedding venues. With a garden wedding venue, you are typically surrounded by natural barriers like trees, shrubs, or fences that can help block out noise and distractions from the outside world. This can create a more intimate and personal experience for you and your guests.

Perfect For All Seasons

Garden wedding venues are perfect for all seasons. You can take advantage of the blooming flowers and lush greenery in the spring and summer. You can incorporate autumnal colors and foliage into your decor in the fall. And even in the winter, many garden wedding venues have beautiful landscapes that can take stunning photos.


Garden wedding venues can be more cost-effective than traditional indoor venues. With a garden wedding venue, you can save money on decorations since the garden’s natural beauty provides a stunning backdrop. Additionally, you may be able to save money on lighting, heating or cooling as outdoor venues can require less energy expenses. This can help you stretch your wedding budget further and create a beautiful event without breaking the bank.


Garden wedding venues are often family-friendly. Children and pets can enjoy the open space to run and play. Many garden wedding venues have designated play areas or activities for kids. Additionally, guests of all ages can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings, making for a more enjoyable and memorable wedding experience.

More Control

A garden wedding venue gives you more control over your wedding day. You can choose the layout, decorations, and other elements of your wedding to create a personalized and unique experience that reflects your style and tastes. 

To Wrap It Up

Garden venues are a beautiful, affordable and top-notch choice for weddings. Come to Lauriston House for an amazing garden venue and function rooms in Western Sydney. Our mansion is like no other; you can get everything you want for a luxurious wedding day.

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